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All Photos: Cleopatra,
the Last Queen of Egypt

Queen Cleopatra with Mark Antony
Queen Cleopatra and Mark Antony


Queen Cleopatra with Mark Antony:  Denarius, 32 BC.
Obverse: Diademed bust of Queen Cleopatra VII.
Reverse: Bust of Mark Antony, ANTONI ARMENIA DEVICTA

During the campaign in Egypt, Antony first met Cleopatra, the 14 year old daughter of Ptolemy XII. Roman historian Appian of Alexandria later recorded Antony's desire for the Egyptian princess began at this meeting.
In October 41, Antony requested Rome's chief eastern vassal, the queen of Ptolemaic Egypt Cleopatra, meet him at Tarsus in Cilicia. Arriving in Tarus aboard of her magnificent ship, Cleopatra invited Antony to a grand banquet to solidify their alliance. Antony and Cleopatra then spent the winter of 41 BC together in Alexandria. Despite his marriage to Fulvia, Cleopatra bore Antony twin children, Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene II, in 40 BC.
Octavian started to attack Antony in order to raise himself to power. He argued that Antony was a man of low morals to have left his faithful wife abandoned in Rome with the children to be with the promiscuous queen of Egypt. Antony was accused of everything, but most of all, of "going native", an unforgivable crime to the proud Romans. Several times Antony was summoned to Rome, but remained in Alexandria with Cleopatra.

Antony invaded Armenia, this time successfully. In the return, a mock Roman Triumph was celebrated in the streets of Alexandria. For the finale, the whole city was summoned to hear a very important political statement. Surrounded by Cleopatra and her children, Antony ended his alliance with Octavian.
Cleopatra was proclaimed Queen of Kings and Queen of Egypt, King of Kings and King of Egypt.

In 31 BC, the war started. On September 2, the naval battle of Actium took place. Antony and Cleopatra's navy was destroyed, and they were forced to escape to Egypt with 60 ships.
Octavian invaded Egypt. With no other refuge to escape to, Antony committed suicide by stabbing himself with his sword in the mistaken belief that Cleopatra had already done so. When he found out that Cleopatra was still alive, his friends brought him to Cleopatra's monument in which she was hiding, and he died in her arms.
Realising that she was destined for Octavian's triumph in Rome, Cleopatra made several attempts to take her life and finally succeeded.

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Two thousand years ago the beauty Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, built for herself a villa at the seaside of the Salt Sea (now it is commonly called the Dead Sea). It is believed that this is the first ever Spa at the Salt Sea (now - Dead Sea).

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The Dead Sea

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Cleopatra, koningin van Egypte. Foto's, afbeeldingen

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