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Himalayas. Way to store the firewood


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Himalayas, foothills. Firewood in the village. Pictures of Himalaya


Himalayan aerial bridge. The Trisuli river. Pictures of Himalaya
Mount bridge

Himalayas, foothills. Forest near the river. Pictures of Himalaya
Foothills. River

Himalayas, foothills. Panorama. Pictures of Himalaya
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Himalayas, foothills. Feva lake. Pictures of Himalaya
Feva lake, Nepal

Himalayas, Nepal, Pokhara. Banyan. Pictures of Himalaya
Banyan. Nepal

Himalayas, foothills. Firewood in the mount village. Pictures of Himalaya
Village Firewood

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Himalayas are the highest mountain in the world, so, despite the fact that they are located in rather low latitudes, winters in the mountain villages of the Himalayas are cold. Therefore, the heating of homes is very important. In the Himalayan homes are used quite primitive stoves and fireplaces for cooking and heating, and firewood from the mount forests used as fuel for them.  Local people stockpile firewood for the cold winter (sometimes they down to the woods, growing up in the foothills). Along the narrow mountain paths people bring these firewood to their village. For whole winter local people need a lot of fuel. Free land in mountain villages, located in narrow gorges, is quite a bit. Therefore, in the Himalayas, people have invented a very unique way to store firewood. Have a look - firewood store ... on the walls and fences!

Himalaya. Firewood on the fences in the village

Himalayas. Firewood on the fences in the village

On the fences firewood dry in the bright mountain sun, and, by the way, the fence become taller. It is important, because in the mountain villages often the roof of a house is a courtyard to another building.. In this case, a number of firewood on the edge of the roof is really necessary for security.

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