Gifts for Men


1. Gifts for men,
common mistakes

2. What to give a man?
A flashlight, no doubt!

3. Presents for Men.
(Present Ideas)

4. Gifts ideas for Men

Damascus steel:
knives, swords, daggers

Shamballa bracelet
is the gift!



3. Presents for a Man. (Present Ideas)


If you are serious about understanding what can be a good present for a man, Iíll give you a list of presents that a man might really like.

1. All sorts of measurement devices. For example, a thermometer (home, street, remote), a barometer, measuring tape, assorted laser distance meters, voltmeters and ammeters, energy and water meters, fancy website visit counters, dynamometers (which measure a machineís strengths or his; it would be desirable, of course, if it showed heís strongest of all).
Some of these devices cost a hefty sum, but some are quite inexpensive, such as a thermometer or measuring tape. You can spend a lot of time musing about how your man has no need for a barometer because he is not a sailor, or you can just go and present it to him.
2. All sorts of things to remind your man that he is a warrior and a hunter. For instance, a sword can be replaced by a Swiss army knife sporting, beside the actual knife, scissors, a spoon, a fork, bottle and can opener, chopsticks and a cooling fan.

Present idea for a man: sword from Damascus
Good knife is a good present idea.
But... this knife is from Damask, but it was not forged from Damascus steel. Why? >>

What else might a hunter need? The flashlight we have talked about, a map and a compass. These items will aid in navigation. And a modern hunter will, of course, use satellite navigation, even if he drives the same road to work every day, and his job doesnít involve any traveling around.
3. Hunting is often accompanied by angling. An angler will need a fishing rod, fishing line, etc. And, of course, a modern fisherman will prefer to determine the location of schools of fish not by looking for places where there are many other fishers, but with the help of an advanced sonar.

An angler will need a fishing rod, fishing line, etc.
An angler will need a fishing rod, fishing line, etc. An interesting idea is to present your fisherman a pair of fish hooks.

4. Hunting usually involves the coordinated actions of a group of brave hunters who will need a means of communication. It can be a walkie-talkie, a mobile phone, or even, for real professionals, a satellite phone.
5. Naturally, you need to spot game before you can hunt it. This involves the use of binoculars or a spyglass. And in order to dissolve any doubts as to the hunterís high skill, he will need a way to provide a definitive record of his achievements. Such as a still or video camera.

A real wild boar's sleeping place. Video camera is a good present idea, is not it?
This is REAL WILD BOAR'S SLEEPING PLACE! The boar is somewhere here!
Video camera is a good present idea, isn't it?

6. I wonít go into detail as to the means of transportation a hunter may need, such as car or boat, since they are usually quite expensive. But if we are talking about children, a bicycle will no doubt make a great present.

A bicycle will no doubt is a great present idea
A bicycle will no doubt make a great present

7. Various sport and fitness related appliances. Such as dumbbells, treadmills, elliptical exercise machines, weight machines, punching bags and so on.

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