Gifts for Men


1. Gifts for men,
common mistakes

2. What to give a man?
A flashlight, no doubt!

3. Presents for Men.
(Present Ideas)

4. Gifts ideas for Men

Damascus steel:
knives, swords, daggers

Shamballa bracelet
is the gift for anyone!



2. What to give a man? Give him a flashlight!


Okay, it should be more or less clear now what not to give a man. But what and how do you want to give him?

In the first part of this essay we talked about what gifts women typically give men and what gifts men donít like. Now letís talk about present you can give that a man will like. And how hard is it really to understand what gifts men want? I believe itís not hard at all, because men are generally very straightforward and always say what they want, including what they want as a present. For instance, if you call him and heís busy, thatís precisely what he will say: ďIím busy, Iíll call backĒ, and hang up.
Some women will assume that if he said so little because it means he has some bad feelings towards her or something like that. Because a woman, of course, in a similar situation would talk longer and not so rude, from her viewpoint. She would say something like, ďYou know, Iím busy with something right now, what about I call you back after 2 pm or, better, after 3. And best of all, you call me backĒ and so on.
But menís psychology differs significantly from the psychology of women. A man simply cannot concentrate on two tasks at the same time: on what heís busy with at the moment and on making an elaborate response to his woman and explaining in detail what, how and when.
But letís get back to the question of what present to give a man, because this misunderstanding between men and woman is at the root of lots of problems.
Women like to complicate matters and simply refuse to hear a frank response to this question. But if you ask a man about it, heíll be happy to tell you precisely what he wants you to give him.

What to give a man? Give him a barometer!
What to give a man? Give him a barometer!

But I often hear from women the assertion things are in fact the other way around. Many women believe that men will never say what they want as a present no matter how long you ask them.
This is usually not really true. Men keep telling you what they want, you just need to hear them. For instance, when asked what gift he wants, a man may tell a woman that he likes this barometer or this flashlight or that compass on the stand, and he would like the flashlight or, better, the compass and flashlight together.
A woman will reason that the man must be joking. No, really, why would he need a flashlight, much less with a compass, is he planning a trip in the woods or what? Pure nonsense. The following monologue ensues:
ďLook, what are you going to need a compass for in a city?Ē
But the man really needs all these things! It does not matter that he now lives in the city, in a comfortable apartment. Maybe tomorrow he will go... to the Himalayas. And there he would be required a flashlight, and a barometer and a compass of course.
And she drags him into the sections of the store where the really useful things are sold, that is, the abovementioned clothes, cologne, shaving kits and so on.
The manís silly joke is forgotten, and she concludes that ďmen never say what they really want as a giftĒ.
And if you connect the womanís misunderstanding of the manís desires with her own desire to make a surprise, you can only guess what she may come up with.
If you are serious about understanding what to give a man, Iíll give you a list of presents that a man might really like.

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