Best places to go in February for vacation
   Photo: the sea in Burma, Ngapali (the Bay of Bengal)


Where to Go on Vacation in February:
The Best Countries to Travel in Winter

  Où partir en février?

Wo kann man im Februar
gut Urlaub machen?

Waar op zonvakantie in februari?


Antarctica! Huh? Exotic Antarctica and new experiences will make your vacation unforgettable.

Where to go in february: BaliBali is a wonderful country where you can relax all the year round. There is the rainy season in February, but there is almost no rainfall, it is warm, the sea is not cold. The avg temperature is 27 to 28C (81 to 82F). Occasionally it's raining.

SE Asia: Where To Travel In February
February is very good time to visit Southeast Asia:

Burma (Myanmar). February is the best time to visit Burma for warm weather and low rain
Burma (Myanmar), Rangoon. Shwedagon Stupa
Myanmar (Burma), Rangoon. Shwedagon Stupa (often called "pagoda", but the name is incorrect).
The Shwedagon Stupa  is 99 meters tall and is covered with pure gold

Where to go in December: Burma (Myanmar). 8000 Buddhas Caves
8000 Buddhas Caves

Burma (Myanmar), Bagan
Burma (Myanmar), Bagan

Burma (Myanmar). The sea in Ngapali (more precisely, the Bay of Bengal)
Burma (Myanmar). The sea in Ngapali (more precisely, the Bay of Bengal). This is the view from "my" bungalow terrace.
At 20 meters to the right there is a nice sandy beach:
Burma (Myanmar). Ngapaly. The sea. Asia, photos
 Myanmar. Ngapaly, the Bay of Bengal. The beach

Where to go in february: Burma (Myanmar) Burma (Myanmar). February is felicitous time to go on vacation in Myanmar, without rains and with sunny and warm weather everywhere. Temperatures at the coast  are about 30C, average temperature in country in February is 23C (73F). Sea t (Kyaikkami) is 28C (82F)
Burma. Photos

Where to go in february: Cambodia, Angkor WatCambodia
February is one of the best months to visit the stunning Angkor Wat.
Temperature in February: day 31C, night 21 C, sunny, without rains.
Where to go in february: Laos, the Mekong River Laos. February is the best time to go on vacation in Laos. There is dry season in February, there is warm weather, sunny without rains in the country. Temperatures are averaging 26-30C.
You can do a marvelous boat tour - traveling along the Mekong River really gives a window on SE Asia.
Thailand: February is very good month to go on vacation in Thailand, without rains and with warm sunny weather. You can swim and go for trips.

James bond island, Thailand
James bond island, Thailand
Vietnam (South). There are cool and occasional light rain in the North Vietnam, dry warm weather in the centre and the south of country. Temperature in Hanoi and Halong is 15 - 22C, in Hue and Hoi An 22 - 32C and in Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang temperature is 28 - 35C. There are many colourful festivals taking place in Vietnam in January - March, including Tet festival.

In 2017, at all resorts will be much less Russian tourists than usual: the crisis, the dollar is expensive in Russia and not many people can afford holidays abroad.

Where Else to Go?
Where to go in february: China


China, the Hainan island: February is the high season:
Warm and sunny Hainan is a good place to travel in February: the weather is fine, the sun is bright, the blue skies and fresh air make your holiday enjoyable.

Beach holiday: the Hainan island, China
, the Hainan island: February is the high season. But why there are not any people on the beach? Usually there rests a lot of Russians, but in 2016-2017 years, the Russians less and less are selected to have a rest abroad, preferring to travel to his native land, or even nowhere to go.

China, Hainan island. The centre of Buddhism
China, the Hainan island. The centre of Buddhism

, the Hainan island, one of the best places to visit on vacation in February.  The weather is warm, dry and sunny.  You can swim, go for trips and you can try the Chinese medicine! Traditional Chinese medicine will improve your health and even help you lose weight!

Chinese medicine: acupuncture
Chinese medicine: acupuncture methods.
Doctor Zhen. Hainan Island, Chinese medicine center Tai Chi

Where to go in Yanuary: ChinaIt is a chance to solemnize New Year second time - according to Asian calendar. In Asia the year begin is not on January 1. Every year starts at its own date - the first new moon after January 21. So, in China 2018 begins on February 16. It is Yellow Dog Year. New Year solemnization in China lasts for a week, and it is very hilarious week.


Where to go in february: CubaCuba: In February, in Cuba is the height of the season. Havana t is 22 - 23C.
Low avg t is 17C (63F), High avg t is  27C (81F). Sunshine: 8 hrs, rainfall: 10mm, 5 rainfall days/month, Sea Temperature 25 - 26C.
There are many tourists who wish to visit Cuba in February...
February occurs the International Book Festival - at the beginnig of month, at San Carlos de la Cabana Fortress and Expo Cuba venues. Very popular National Theatre Festival holds in February: 3 weeks of dance and opera in Old Havana.

Dominican Republic: February is very good time to visit the island.
Avg t is 26 C (79F), sunny and water is warm.
The island  is the most visited place in Caribbean. The weather is good year-round, with avg temperature highs 80F.
The first fortress, cathedral, monastery and castle built in America are in Dominican Republic.

Where to go in february: EgyptEgypt. February is very felicitous month for trips and suited time to have a rest at the Red Sea coast. February weather is fine, warm and dry, but it can be smartish cool in the evenings. Sharm el-Sheikh avg t is 14 to 23C (57 - 73F) in February. Sea temp is 21C (70F). Time to time there are the heavy winds in February - March.
Abu Simbel Festival celebrates the birthday of Ramses on February 15. It is a national holiday in Egypt: dancing, singing and delicious snack.
There are not russian tourists in Egipt in February 2017!
Cleopatra. Photos, biography of the Last Pharaoh


There are Hindu and Jain temples. Khajuraho temples, India
Khajuraho, famous "Temples of Love". There are Jain and Hindu temples

The walls of the Khajuraho temples are prodigally decorated with intricately carved sculptures. Although temples of Khajuraho are famed for their sexual art, sexual themes occupy less than 10% of the temples walls art. Nay, most sexual images are balanced with the non- sexual themes. The art themes cover numerous features of human life and values are important in Hindu pantheon.

Khajuraho Temple, India. Sex sculpture. Photos
Khajuraho The Sex Temples. All Photos
February is suitable time for interesting excursions all over India and for a seaside vacation in Goa.

Best places to go for sun: India, Goa

Best places to go for warm weather and sun: India, Goa
Goa is one of the best destinations for warm weather and February sun

Where to go in february: Jordan, PetraJordan: winter is still a good time to visit the famous Dead Sea, where you can go for Recreation and Health Amendment. The sea t is about 19C in February, it is warm enough to go into the sea. The season begins in March, so the rest in February is worth much cheaper, and the sea, air and the health benefits are the same. Winter is a perfect time to visit the Dead Sea for spa treatments, relaxation and a bargain priced holiday. + February is suitable month for trips.
Among other things, the legendary beauty Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt, had a cottage at the coast of the Dead Sea. And it was the first in the world spa facilities at the Dead Sea.
Sunny shore of marvelous Dead Sea is the best destination to go on vacation for rest and treatment. Remarkable mineral content of the sea water, the very low content of allergens in the atmosphere, the out-and-outer climate at this one and only place have perfect health effects.

Where to go in february: Latin America
Latin America

Brazil: High tourist season starts at week before Christmas and lasts to Carnaval (February or early March).

The Best Places to Travel in February - Carnaval!
The Best Places to Travel in February - Carnaval!
Brazil or ... Canaries!
Malaysia. February is the fitting month to relax at the Malaysia's coast. The weather is magnificent. February avg sea t at Kuah is  29C (83F).
Maldives. The high season is in November - April, these months the weather is dry, sunny and hot. Maldives is one of the best destinations for February sun

Where to go in february: Morocco

: February is a suitable time for trips in Central District. Ocean water is 18C.

Mexico. High Season is December - April, the driest months in Mexico, but it is good to visit Mexico year-round .
February temperatures at Acapulco: 19 - 29C (84 - 67F)

Nepal, KathmandyNepal. Temperature at Kathmandu is 19C in February  (5C at night). The Low Season in Nepal is from Junuary to September: it's the monsoon rains , the mountain view is spoiled by clouds. February is not the best season for trekking and for a holiday in Nepal, but February is alright month to travel over Himalayas from Nepal to Tibet. Himalayas in Nepal and India: photos   
Himalayas: Interactive Map >>

Peru, where you can go for vacation year-round. (The main season is May - October)

Where to go in february: SyriaSyria: There is wet winter in Syria in December - February. It is hugely cool in the mountainous. And spring is the excellent time for travel in Syria.

South Africa: It is quite comfortable to sunbathe at the South Africa's beaches in any month. Hiking is very good year-round too.
Tanzania is famous travel place. National Parks are available year-round. And just February is time to see the wildebeest calving.

Safari + beaches in Zanzibar:
Safari in Tanzanian  National Parks + relax at the excellent Zanzibar beaches is a great way to spend a holiday.
T in February is 28C, water t is 28C.
Where to go in february: TibetTibet: Winters is in November - March. In January avg t is -2C, and there isnt much snow.

Attention! Oxygen level in Tibet is about 70% of norm!

Seek your health before travel, and acclimate before going higher than Lhasa.

Its very interesting to visit Tibets festival. Losar celebration (New Year) in January or February is very interesting in Lhasa.

UAE Average temperature in UAE in February is 24C (74,5F). The sea t is 17-22 C (63 to 71F).

Asia. Photos

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda

Burma (Myanmar). Shwe Dagon Pagoda. The 99 metres (325 ft) tall stupa in Rangoon

Asia. India. Khajuraho Sex Temples

Khajuraho Sex Temple. India

EV in Asia

EVs would be accessible to all

Cleopatra, The Last Pharaoh

The Last Queen of Egypt.
Was she really beauty?

Altai: Places of Power and magical places. Shangri-la, Chang Shambhala

Vietnam Weather in February

Vietnam Weather in February


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